More Tips

Knock on the Neighbors Door

After going to one of our appointments, go the neighbors home and tell them you just finished up an inspection next door and found damages due to the recent storm and you can do free inspection on their home too. Our leads are great ice breakers and before you know it you will have the whole block signed up.

Get As Many Contracts Signed As Possible

Even if there is little damage. The Insurance Adjuster might see something you don’t. Worse case your tried, Best Case you got another build!

Continue to Give Us More Areas To Call

The more areas we have the more leads we can get for you. We also have access to a cell phone databases which most call centers do not have so we are able to reach more people. We are only able to look up these numbers by zip codes or cities.

Quality Control

Every lead we set we have our Quality Control Department review to make sure it meets our quality aspect. All of our leads are reviewed to make sure every qualifying question is asked and the homeowners agree to the appointments 100%.

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